About the Owner

Julie Randall is a wife and mother concerned with eliminating toxins from the home whether from health and beauty products, food or cleaners. She believes dedication and clear communication are key elements in providing consistently high quality service.

She cleaned for years before moving to the Vernon area and entering full-time employment. This included working in Environmental Services (housekeeping dept.) of Manchester Memorial Hospital. After taking a break from the "working world" to have her son, she was proud to start a professional venture utilizing her cleaning and customer service skills.

"I enjoy the confidence I feel when cleaning around my son. When wiping down the kitchen counter, there's no need to worry about any of the mist falling on him. When the floors are still damp from mopping, it does not matter if his bare feet and hands come into contact with them. Remaining traces of tub and tile cleaners won't make his sensitive skin react. Think of the effects that products containing ammonia and bleach must have on a child's developing organs.

I sincerely urge you for the sake of your own health or the health of your children, grandchildren or pets, to switch to cleaning your home with natural cleaning products or employ a natural cleaning service."